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Monday, November 5, 2012

World Politics Interests, Interactions, Institutions 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook

If you're looking at World Politics Interests, Interactions, Institutions  2nd Edition book, it's probably as a textbook for a class. At least that's what role it was for me. In my Introduction to International Relations class, virtually this entire book was required reading, and as such I got to be very familiar with FLS, sorry I should say Frieden, Lake, and Schultz.

FLS takes the bargaining perspective and applies it to any situation imaginable (and in a few cases is a bit less than fully justifiable). However, it does this through very enigmatic figures and diagrams that do little to elucidate the complex points of the prose. Another interesting aspect in FLS is how in a few places the flowing text (the white pages) and the side-bars (colored pages) contradict one another, or at least are in a bit of difference in opinion. When reading
World Politics Interests, Interactions, Institutions book, that internal conflict was rather confusing to me, and my class did spend quite a bit of time in trying to work through these ambiguities.

World Politics Interests, Interactions, Institutions book arrived really quickly and matched the product description. No markings inside the book at all. The price was very good. My one complaint is that the binding is less than perfect and some of the pages have begun to fall out with use. I don't think that is the Seller's fault, but it should have been mentioned. Other than that I am completely satisfied.

World Politics Interests, Interactions, Institutions PDF Download Ebook
Jeffry A. Frieden (Author), David A. Lake (Author), Kenneth A. Schultz (Author)  | Paperback: 530 pages | Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

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